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Birthday Discounts
We can’t make your birthday a national holiday but we can make it a personal sale day! Show us your driver’s license within seven days of your birthday (before or after), and receive a one time per year 20% discount off your purchase! This discount excludes special order items, sewing machines and tables, embroidery software and already discounted items.

Fat Quarter Club
Each fat quarter you buy will count toward free fat quarters. Find your name in the "Fat Quarter" card file and we'll add your latest purchase to your tally. When you have purchased 20 quarters, you'll get 2 quarters for free.

Yardage Club
Each yard of fabric you buy will count toward free yardage. Find you name in the "Yardage" card file and we'll add your latest purchase to your ongoing tally. When you have purchased 25 yards, youíll get a gift certificate for two free yards of fabric.

Special Orders
Please browse our book/pattern distributorís website: www.checkerdist.com for items you would like to special order from Crazy To Quilt. We can save you from paying shipping charges on items you might otherwise order from the web or mail order catalogs.

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Project Corner


This Month's Project:
"Australian Animals Quilt

Designed by
Momo Lohani
M&S Textiles

40.5" x 31.5"

Click here to download (PDF)


Frog Pattern PDF
Kangaroo Pattern PDF
Koala Pattern PDF
Lizard Pattern PDF
Platypus Pattern PDF
Tortoise Pattern PDF
Wombat Pattern PDF
Dingo Pattern PDF
Echidna Pattern PDF


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